A simple front end for some backend stuff.

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First, do not expect anything. I'm just a backend guy who needs a front end from time to time.
The visual design will probably suck, even though I start from a nice template.
The code will probably be messy, since I just want to get things working here, no more.

But most of all: Since the examples often depend on backend services to be running somewhere, and my current Azure budget does not allow for everything to be running all the time, things will often not work!

Easy to solve though: contact me and I'll fire up any service you wish :o)

Some credits:

Grayscale is a free Bootstrap 3 theme created by Start Bootstrap.
It features stock photos by Gratisography along with a custom Google Maps skin courtesy of Snazzy Maps.

Smartshop LIVE: Actual power usage of the cheese boutique

v1 was just my own 'smartish meter': a Youless is read every 10 seconds by a Mono program on a Raspbery Pi.
In v2, you now also see the temperature inside the main cooling unit. You'll see a correlation between this cooling temperature and the power consumption peaks.
In v3, I added the ambient temperature in the shop. You should see a correlation between this ambient temperature and the frequency of the power consumption peaks!
The Raspi posts all readings to an Azure Event Hub, which is read by a Stream Analytics job, which in turn writes to a SQL DB.
Finally, this Angular + Chart.js app polls an Azure Mobile Service which exposes the content of the SQL DB. Just plain & simple :o)

This is a LIVE graph that autorefreshes every 30 seconds.

Don't believe it? Come have a look in the shop :o)

First load may take some time when server needs to wake up.
Last value: Power {{lastSensorValue.power_actual_value}} at {{lastSensorValue.__createdAt}}.

What's next...? Adding a temp sensor for one more cooling unit (v4). And a better chart (v5). Stay tuned.

Disclaimer: The data shown here is from a test setup; it does not represent actual power consumption and temperature accurately.

Which cheese should you eat when you're pregnant?

A first test with Azure Machine Learning. A model that was trained with data about hundreds of cheeses, each indicating whether it is suitable for pregnant women, turns this data into software logic that is called when you click the button. Try it!

Milk Processing
Cheese Family




FYI: In fact the rules are pretty deterministic... but this was the first somewhat interesting dataset I could lay my hands on.

Also good to know is that requests to the backend are 'throttled' by putting Azure API Management in front of AzureML. No more than 10 calls per minute are allowed - by anyone using this website, not only you!

If you'd like to remove this restriction, contact me :o)

Disclaimer: The author is in no way responsible for the results. This is a test app, do not use the results in real life.

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